What is Hospital in Your Home?

Hospital In Your Home, Bringing the Hospital to you

Hospital in Your Home Expertise

Hospital in Your Home brings extensive industry experience in developing efficient and sustainable Models of Care with a focus on the delivery of value-based care and measurable improvements in patient outcomes.

Our company and staff are nationally recognized experts in the HaH, community-based Palliative and Hospice care, and Virtual Chronic Disease Care models. We boast demonstrated clinical competence and governance, maintaining a strong financial position and sustainability through comprehensive operational management.

Hospital in Your Home Expertise
Hospital in Your Home Doctor

Streamlined Referral Process and Flexibility

At Hospital in Your Home, we prioritize simplicity and flexibility in patient care.

Our lean referral process minimizes the complexity and effort of referring clinicians. We offer the flexibility to treat patients in various safe environments within the community, including residential aged-care facilities, homes, mobile homes, and temporary residences.

Our integrated and mobile electronic record ensures secure storage of required information throughout the admission, providing valuable insights into service metrics and quality.

Additionally, our web-based electronic referral platform facilitates efficient referrals from multiple sources, whether hospitals or clinics, streamlining our programs’ access.