Who is Hospital in Your Home?

Hospital In Your Home, Bringing the Hospital to you

Dr Michael Young

Dr Young brings his vast experience in acute and community-based medicine from Australia’s rural and remote regions to spearhead the creation of effective, safe, and technology-enhanced home-based care models.

His strong belief in value-based care fuels his efforts to encourage healthcare systems to embrace and support innovative care models, ones that coexist harmoniously with and enhance the capabilities of conventional hospital-oriented models.

A prominent figure in the industry, he serves as a board member for the Hospital In The Home (HiTH) Society of Australasia and various homecare corporations spread across Australia, the UK, and the US.

Dr Michael Young

Novella Tascoe

Novella Tascoe, our CEO, stands as the visionary force propelling HiYH US. Her background in Healthcare Administration, Respiratory Therapy, and Law creates a distinct skill fusion that powers our mission. With a decade of clinical experience as a Respiratory Therapist, Novella intimately comprehends patient needs and fosters a bridge between clinical mastery and healthcare administration. Drawing on her Juris Doctor degree, she adeptly navigates the intricate healthcare landscape, ensuring our operations harmonize seamlessly with dynamic regulations and legislation.

Novella’s commitment to pioneering transformative healthcare models is palpable. She has actively developed value-based care initiatives, orchestrated contract negotiations, and propelled operational excellence, showcasing her unwavering dedication to advancing patient-centric care. Armed with a Master’s in Health Administration and an array of certifications, Novella’s academic prowess blends seamlessly with her passion for community well-being.

Novella’s strategic leadership and innovative mindset resonate throughout HiYH US. Her multifaceted expertise ensures that our values of patient-centric care, innovation, community empowerment, and commitment to serving underserved populations become more than mere words – they form the bedrock of our daily operations. Join us on this transformative journey, led by Novella Tascoe, as we redefine healthcare’s future. Through her leadership, we transcend boundaries, delivering exceptional patient experiences while empowering communities to thrive.